Company profile


Kekeris Yachts offers:

A selection of excellent sailing yachts...

We own all of our boats and therefore sincerely care about their condition. We ensure every boat that leaves our harbor is ready to safely set sail for the Greek Islands.

The most personalized service at every step of the way...

We at Kekeris Yachts understand that every person has different needs, so our priority is to satisfy our clients by paying close attention to their requirements.

Full 24h Technical Support...

We cover our clients' vacation with full 24h technical support. Our professional experience and technical expertise in the yachting field put us ahead of the game. We guarantee that we are able to provide the fastest and most reliable service anytime, anywhere.


Why choose Kekeris Yachts?

  • All of our yachts are privately owned, ensuring for you lower costs of renting and excellent sailing credibility.
  • The people of our team are members of our family with many years of experience in the yachting field, which ensures our standard of service and maintenance are respected.
  • We are the first company in Greece that allocates personal 24hour technical support, in order to ensure that you can travel with absolute safety around the Greek Islands.
  • Our technical company named "ALPHA Yacht Technical Management" is authorized from the biggest yacht and marine engine manufacturers and has at its disposal a great variety of spare parts.
  • Kekeris Yachts is not simply a company that deals with Yachting. It is a family owned business with tradition in fishery and marine tourism with particular gravity in the interpersonal relation.
  • We consider our customers as our personal friends and our aim is to satisfy every need related to their charter.
  • We are the first persons that you will meet coming in Greece, and we will become the friends that you will bid farewell renewing the appointment for your next sailing trip.